Born in McAllen, Texas in 1985, Clinton Broyles grew up in the Dallas area and began drawing at an early age. After discovering his appreciation of art, he was introduced to the work of master painter Dalhart Windberg, who would become his teacher and mentor when Broyles was 15.

Working with Windberg over the years motivated Broyles to pursue a career in art. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2007, where he obtained training in drawing and painting and earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture. His studies there inspired him to incorporate architectural themes into many of his pieces.

Broyles continues to pursue a lifelong interest in history, often painstakingly capturing in his compositions moments of everyday life from bygone eras. His passion for the past, combined with an ingrained sense of optimism, results in paintings that evoke both a hopeful enthusiasm and a deeply moving appreciation for days of yore.

He is currently represented by the Southwest Gallery in Dallas and NanEtte Richardson Fine Art in San Antonio.